Kampar: Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food


" I'm coming home. Tell the world, I'm coming home..
 As my class finishes, I dropped by to take DSLR to have some Kampar Photoshoot before I'm going back Penang.

So, Kam and I drove to UTAR Stadium as it doesn't open everyday. Luckyyyy us! Haa

Kam Snapshot! Stadium Gate with Large lawned field.

Some nice photographs to share. :) :) :)
@Photographed by Kam & Me vice versa

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3
Take 4

Then we started taking random 扑街 photos which some are quite akward O_o

Too much Fat. LOL
Ugly but best effect ._.
And some very nice random EMO SHOTSSSSS.

And finally a pretty nice shot ( I think) although was wet and stinky haha

And a damn funny shot from me ._.
I'm so muscular! - Kam

Sunset at 6:30pm
After fetching Angeline and Peng at Block A, UTAR; we headed for dinner.

Like this page and get a Takoyaki for free! Yayyyy!
So we got ourself a set of Takoyaki without additional charges~ 

@Photo of Angeline and Peng

My Kimchiiiii Seafood Udon~ OmO It tastes so niceeee and so full ._.

My Selcaa

Till We Meet Again.
Jacqueen Wong