100 days past 18 years - In and Out of my Life's

YEAH. I gave birth to this blog exactly 100 days after my birthday.

100 days ago,
I have a quite massive 18th Birthday Celebration. Thanks to my awesome friendss and my lovess for giving me such a sweet memory.

Soft Feminine Look!
Credits to Yuan Lingg ❤ 

Celebration from SHAMWOHOO, my loveees  at Harvest Inn
From left; Yuan Ling, Mei, Cherilyn, Chia Yin, Kher Nee
Chuin Sing, Xiao Yin
( btw Thankieew   for the the chocolate rum cake too to Chuin Sing~)

Meanwhile, for the 2nd round,

A bunch of smart ass celebrated for me at All Season Place,
but sadly, 
my love have to work for the night 
so we just celebrated at his workplace - James Foo.
Celebration from bestie cum smart ass haha at Hua Guo Shan, All Season Place
after having dinner at James Foo.
From left; Kekchian, Fatty Pooh, Lead Khai, Rui Hao, Kah Wei, William
Cherilyn, Xiao Yin
(although the cake was bought last minute, but it still taste nice haha)

Birthday Date with Him wearing his present  
(and that lil cute bear :(( wanted it so much)

80 days ago,
After the SPM results came out, I was so tiring rushing here and there for interviews in KL and Kedah and etc including UPU which is quite similar with Matriculation which 5th formers apply to get a chance to enter that specific local university for foundation courses. 

Wearing Formal at KL Sentral for TM Scholarship 
& Yayasan Khazanah Scholarship

But sadly, what this education system is offering upsets me so much. I got offered a lots of diploma courses from local universities such as UTM, UUM and lots more and some scholarships to finish degree courses in private universities.

My future depends on my choice. I have A-Levels as my backup plan though as I was studying in INTI for A levels but after the deduction of scholarship, I was afraid that even those courses are affordable but I could have think further for my degree and master's studies.

Therefore, I came to UTAR. I don't need to pay any amount as UTAR is offering scholarships for me (the only thing is I have to maintain my foundation CGPA at 3.5 above).

60 days ago,
I arrived Kampar as UTAR campus is in Kampar. Thank god, Kam is studying there cause I made my decision in such a rush; I couldn't find accommodation for the night, so I slept in his house with Angeline which I was so happy as I found high school mates in UTAR.

But, the terrifying fact is we lived in a totally deserted place with frequents break-in. The place nearby was on fire before that so we decided to move out. 

Leaving Penang :( on Ferry

UTAR Lakeside Campus
(ps Kampar is suitable for bike riding so yeahh.. )

180 degree Panorama Shot of the campus lakee :D

30 days ago,
Endless Report, Endless Assignment, Endless Exams!!!!
Maybe other people is nagging about the consistent endless work in UTAR, but for me, I feel what I had gained from this 1/2 years is totally personally self mental growth. 

Here, its so simple compared to A levels and Form 6 so shut your mouth up and stop complaining!
Although it's rush, everything is rush but at least you fill your life up, aye? :)
Just accept the fact that nothing is easy, if its easy then it wouldn't be worth it. - me

“A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” ― Albert Einstein
Emo backlit shot by Kam

20 days ago,
I picked up violin as my second instrument. I couldn't be more happier as in Kampar, I was forced to discontinue my time with piano. As the passion of music strikes me, I have to find something handy to play with.

That's the summary for what has happened after half years after my 18th Birthday. Thankful for god, everything happens for a reason. I came here, willing to take up god's test. I'm no longer a kid anymore, I'm a half adult.

 "I miss home, I miss everything. I miss... my memories. "
Thats for all. I guess its a very long post although I summarize it a lot dy ya.

Till we meet again.

 Jacqueen Wong