First Impression with Kao Liese Bubble Hair Color

Hey there dearies,

My hair was experiencing break ends and color fade after my Redang Trip, so sad my pink hair turn back to bleached orange color as the salt water was too harsh for my hair.

In conjunction with Liese's MY #LieseTrip2017 Contest, I decided to give my hair a new life and dedicate an instagram post for Liese; who knows I will stand a chance to win this? :P

Alright back to the first impression, I bought it over the counter at Watsons. I am one of the loyal members of Watsons Malaysia, as I did collect a lot of points and exchanged for cash. There are some branches with a lot of choices, especially Queensbay Mall Watsons. They have a range of different K-beauty brands as well, my favorite would be Pony's recommended Woodsbury eyeliner!

I bought two Liese product, one is Liese Bubble Hair Color while another one is Liese Blaune Treatment Cream Color.

Liese Creamy Bubble Color was in Milk Tea Brown Shade, which I will be reviewing today while Liese Blaune Treatment Cream Color was in Light Brown Shade.

Note that Liese Creamy Bubble Color is not suitable for touching up roots. :) Therefore, I bought Liese Blaune for roots touching up.
As my hair lower part is bleached two times, the effect of hair dye would be different on non-bleached black hair. So, you can see on both of the real effects on my hair be it bleached/ non-bleached hair.

First Impression

The box comes with detailed description leaflet in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Malay), 1 Rinse-off Treatment and 2 bottles; one is the dye, another one is the foam bottle which is to add the dye in to the formulated liquid in order to create the foam for you to rub on your hair.

Leaving the Bubble On for 30 minutes. 
After washing, I rinse it with the Leave-On Conditioner and the most incredible part from Kao's formulae is this conditioner. This conditioner left my hair soft and subtle even after the damaging nature of the bubble dye. 

Some Selfie to get on this hair color.
The results turned out to be a ashy tea brown color on my bleached hair part and it goes well with my dyed brown hair on top. Note: To get the best color, try to cover all the parts and rubbed into the hair roots as well.

Getting to see the ombre color from the braids I took the other day. 

I joined this #LieseTrip2017 competition also. Finger crossed I get the chance to win 4 days 3 night to Tokyo because I wish I have the chance to visit Japan.