Mid-Autumn Festival: Jelly Mooncake

Overlooking the Mid-Autumn Festival is right at the corner, me and my sister tried and brought up Jelly Mooncake to suit the festive season in addition of the free time I got for the semester break.

Here is the simple steps you can follow for this easy-to-do jelly mooncake:

Conversion Chart: 250g=1cup

Ingredients:m1p       Konyaku Powder (1 packet)
250g   Caster Sugar (less for diabetic)
900g   Water
100g   Milk
1tsp     Water preventing Jelly Powder
500g   Nate de Cocoa

I do not use food colouring though but instead use fruits natural colour or just blend some Pandan Leaves w/v hot water and strain them to get the green colour and fragrant.

1         Mooncake Jelly Mould
1         Egg Yolk Moulder

(I would suggest you all to buy it in @CHEMERRY because their baking stuff are all non-preservative) (PS: @SUGAR will be a bit too expensive)

Click on the link to get the location of it. :)

  1. Boil 900ml/1000ml of water in a pot.
  2. Put some Pandan Leaves to get its fragrant.
  3. Bring it to a simmer.
  4. Mix the powder and Sugar in. (1 Packet of jelly powder & 250g sugar)
  5. Keep on stirring. You wouldn't want to have droplets of crystals in it.

  1. In a clean bowl, pour 100ml of Milk and put it to a simmer. Boil it until it is hot enough.
  2. Pour remaining 200ml of Jelly Clear (refer above) into the bowl and mix it.
  3. Pour the Jelly Milk mixture in the Jelly Yolk mould.
  4. Squeeze and ooze out the mixture.

  1. Blend fruits (remove the epidermal layer! must!!) in blender for about 6 seconds. We don't want it to overfluid. Keep some fruits for the crunchy feeling.
  2. Put it to a simmer in a pot and when it boils, add some Jelly Clear into it.

  1. Blend fruits and Nate de Cocoa until a smooth paste texture is seen.
  2. Put it to a simmer in a pot and when it boils, add some Jelly Clear into it.
  1. Put pieces of fruits onto the base of the Jelly mooncake mould.
  2. Pour remaining Jelly Milk Yolk mix into the mould. (Just a bit is enough, we just want the colour)
  3. Wait for 20mins until it cools and hardens.
  4. Place the Jelly Milk Yolk inside the mould.
  5. Add Jelly Mix until it is 5/6 full.
  6. Wait for another 20mins until it cools and hardens.
  7. Scratch the surface for a better grip to prevent it falls off.
  8. Pour the Jelly Nate de Cocoa Base. (This will give a better crunch when eat)
  9. Chill the jelly in the fridge for about 1 hour and take it out for serving.

Voilaa! You got yourself JELLY MOONCAKE! ;))

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, peeps!