Bonjour, I am Jacqueline Wong. The nickname, jacqueen arises from many occasion whereby many friends have a hard time pronouncing the tongue-twisting "que-line". Since then, jacqueen was my stage name.

As an all-time minimal pastel enthusiasts, I could not resist but fall in love with this style and have since received many compliments on my daily minimalistic pastel #ootd. With fashion-forward in mind, every year spring/summer will release trendsetting styles which has yet to arrive Malaysia. Every style needs trend to come about, therefore I launched Jacqueen Maison back in 2014 to capture the essence of pastel minimalism bourne with the latest trends.
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I also enjoyed travelling but in budget, and would like to share insights for many of the potholes to avoid in budgeted travelling. South East Asia has since been my no. #1 bucket list for travelling and I always believe that our own country, Malaysia has the most beautiful scenery among all. With more travelling to come about, I hope I could share many useful yet interesting story on every trips I take, be it business trip or personal trip if time allows.

Moreover, recently I started to fall in love with Korean' Beauty (K-Beauty) as I was amazed on how flawless looking they are despite putting on makeup. Earlier on, I did not favour makeup as I felt it would harm and age us more despite spending a lot of money. Started late, better than never, as an amateur, I hope by sharing K-Beauty secrets I learnt, I could grow together with my audience and be different with the many bloggers who are already an expert in the beauty industry.

If you would like to know more about me, do drop me an email at jacqueen0330@gmail.com.