Pangkor: Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor & Marina Island

" Where Emerald Green Sea & Puffy Blue Sky MEETS. "
  Pangkor Island Trip

Pangkor Trip - 1 of 10 Trips CROSSED.
Just after I blogged "10 trips you NEED to take in your 20s.", we went for a YOLO trip heh.
This leaving my 10 trips to be crossed one! EXCITED to get 2nd one crossed.

□ Visit Himalaya
 Visit Beach
□ Explore Cave
□ Stargazing on Beach
□ Explore Rainforest
□ Visit Forbidden Palace
□ Visit Volcano
□ Go on Wildlife adventure
□ Go on Cruise
□ Stay in Tree House

Deciding on Pangkor Trip
Actually, we decided to go Pangkor Island so random, like 3 days before. Total random, huh? We didn't even make payment for hotels but we did our research as we found Nipah Guesthouse Pangkor. You guys should check this guesthouse out as this is far most wonderful stay experience in my life.

Luckily, PHEW we still managed to reserved a Tower Cottage, which is not available through other booking website such as Tripadvisor, etc. Its a small cozy cottage and of course its a tight squeeze for the 4 of us.

On a very sunny Friday Morning, we began our trip. At about 11am, we depart from Kampar! Singing all the way though~ 

On the Way
Its a short journey of 1 hour and a half, from Kampar to Marina Island, Lumut. Then we sat a linear speedbot towards Pangkor Island.

Few shots taken on the way,
we even saw Mirage! Thanks to Loiss heeeee. Btw, on the way we saw many nice scenery like the ones below.

From window pane to roadside
Empty Grassland
"Explore what's in front of you, not what's behind you. The past is the past, LET IT BE."
Palm Oil Estate with AWAS sign

Marina Island Pangkor - Nicer than Pangkor with Paradise Sea Views
Marina Island Pangkor, manmade island though but really so nice! Its like in a island paradise. The boat here to Pangkor is also cheaper and shorter compare to Lumut Jetty. Parking price is also reasonable, priced at RM10 per day if you are planning to park your car there.

Breath Taking Sea Views with Superb New Facilities, this harbour is gonna be big in the future. We took our luggage and head to the jetty.

Ample Parking Spaces
Taken by MR KAM. From left; Lois, Me and Anthony
Background; Marina Island Pangkor Jetty Complex
Pretty Cumulonimbus on sight!
Exiquite Pangkor Island View from Marina Island
Man made beach? Emerald Green Waters -excited-
" A Lonely Man isn't lonely, A Man who craves for are. "
" Where Emerald Green Waters and Fluffy Blue Sky MEETS." - Pangkor Island
Wind is too big! Blow until my hair siao siao.
Loving this shot! Thanks to MR KAM. Hehe Messy Beauty
Another awesome photo. High Light Exposure & Saturated Photos! Love it!
" Waves lapping by the shore are like difficulties in life, it should be overcome slowly. "
Cirrus Cloud Spotted! (For your information, this type of cloud is the rarest of all, as it positioned at the highest altitude, often blocked by other clouds.) HEE LUCKY US!
Take 1. OOTD; Cotton On Sunglasses, Lace Sheer Chiffon Blouse, VJ Denim Shorts, Red/Blue Flippers
Take 2. With hand crossed. Background; Covered walkway to the speed jet boat
Kam's Active Camel Advert. Taken by me.
"Camel Active & Pangkor Double Hump Back."

Arriving Jetty
OmO So excited after seeing all those green blue water shore and finally we reached!

Pangkor is divided into two parts, one for tourist and one for local which locals perform fishing and etc.

Rates from Pangkor jetty to Teluk Nipah, Pasir Bogak, Teluk Gedung
When you arrive at this small town with population less than 50,000 people; this pink van sight is sure to capture your eyes. Pink vans are the best available transport on Pangkor. 

One advice,

We got into accident even before Kam started driving. The cars available for rent were too old and the brakes and whatsoever not in a good state. 

Have in mind that Pangkor roads are bumpy and very steep, don't expect they have smooth wide roads. Seriously, the roads are more dangerous than in Batu Ferringhi, two cars moving in one lane. URGHHHH plus, with one mistake, poof! you fled your car into the sea.

Pink Vans.
Bad memories here. Accident Repairing Shop.
The one and only GAS STATION in whole Pangkor.

Reaching Nipah Guesthouse
Nipah Guesthouse - "Home away from Home."

Staying in award winning vacation house is like a dream come true, the whole ambience is superb. Nestling in the middle between the Beach and the Jungle, you almost had it all~

I would really give 5 stars for this guesthouse!! and the Tower Cottage is really very cute! Its a tight squeeze but is more warming when we share the spaces rather than living in our own separate rooms.

One very nice speciality here are the A-FRAME COTTAGES. Its really recommended for couples and I would really come back here with my boyfie in the future. The cottage also have a small stairs which led to open balcony which is very petite! LOVE ITTT!

Further, the small sized SWIMMING POOL also creates a platform for tourist from other countries to make friends. Me, Lois, Kam and Anthony can't resist the pool and its really warm also at night! We also managed to make some friends from China (PS: They lived in Shen Zhen though)

The most awesome thing is the DIY BREAKFAST. We get to prepare our own breakfast to our own liking! I actually made myself a 5 layer pancake with jam,banana and longkong, sunny side up egg, two sausages and scrambled eggs.

Front View;
Right and Left; Guesthouse; Background; Swimming Pool w/v 4 A-Frame Cottage & 1 Tower Cottage
"When sunlight shines upon......"
Sunny day w/v lovely pathways
No wonder Nipah Guesthouse is ranked #2 of all Malaysia's best vacation B&B Inn! THUMBS UP!!! Keep on the good work!

Snorkelling & Bitten by Sea Serpent
Too bad we didn't have any nice photos taken for snorkelling session because we were worried that our phones get wet. But I managed to get a few shots but ignore the low pixel and bad quality, phones... you know.. Its not taken using DSLR. Heh

We went to Pulau Giam by speed bot and it was the far best experience I had on boat. I feel so close to nature.

" Blown by the air, Tasting hydrated salt and touching seawater fled by moving motor speedboat. " - Titanic Feel

After being bruised by those deep shit corals and stones, we gave up snorkelling and the evening is getting dark sooner or later. We called for the snorkelling team and they didn't showed up. Seriously, 4 youths stranded on Pulau Giam Island, another Robinson Crusoe story? MY GOD. Then, I was too playful and sit by the waters picking seashells and in a sudden, from nowhere, a idiot sea serpent bite me!

I gave a loud cry, and i saw it slithering away towards the sea. oh, what a pain. OUCH. But, luckily the wound is nothing compared to a jellyfish sting. Just I won't sit by those unknown sea shore next time.
Clockwise from left;
Yam Chin Face Kam, Noob Yolo Anthony, Fat Sohai Me, Charming Daredevil Lois

Wind too big.

K. GoodBye, Pulau Giam!

Ready for Dinner by the SEA
Meanwhile some was bathing, took some random shots inside the Tower Cottage....

OOTN; Cotton On Dress, Love Shaped Vintage Necklace, Eiffel Tower Vintage Pink Braclet, Canon 50D
Not to mention,
Thanks to Elviss Khoo for the Canon DSLR 50D! xoxo

Background; Kam's Bed of the Night
Tight squeeze but comfortable enough with air-cond!
Getting bored and keep snapping random photos. Walkway balcony from 2nd floor.
Endao shot by Me.
Wood Detailing at Balcony
Kam - "Oii, why you shot me? WTF"
Back in return for shots by Kam;
White Steep Stairs to 2nd floor.
Paparazzi shot; Anthony naked with white pants and bathrobe. Looked young though

Off we go, to Daddy's Cafe. Another night terror drive uphill without ANY street lights.
Nice coral beach!!!!!!


Forgot-what-is-the-name Juice
Chicken Chop - Kam
Prata Chicken Wrap Roll - Lois
Fish & Chip - Anthony
Tiger Prawn & Lamb Shoulder Chop - Mine
Chocolate Ice Cream w/v Fruit Cake @ DESSERT!

Thumbs up for the food!!! But, the serving is really damn slow! =.=

By the way, while we were feasting, sea snakes crawled up shore. OMG I thought sea serpent was the worst. LOL Luckily, locals direct the snakes away as we were on the beach, feet on sand.

Buying Souvenir for loved ones.
Pangkor Love Keychain for Boyfie; & Initials Necklace for Sister; Glass Sand & Seashells Chamber for everyone
With less car, Pangkor is having nature in pace. Stalls selling burgers and ikan bakar!
You will never see this in Kampar, bike thief are everywhere

Sandcastle Building & Chilling @ Coral Beach
Woke up pretty late and cooked DIY BREAKFAST as mentioned earlier above.
Really enjoyed.
Lois breakfast. Rise and Shine

Snappppppp!! Canon 500D on Lois hands, Canon 50D shooting Canon 500D
Kam Selfie? O.O
“ 潇洒不是因为悔不当初,而是明白人生本会不留痕迹;就像海浪冲走了唯一留下的足迹。”

Sitting on hammock. Falling Coconut Tree as sharp out object. Lois and Anthony as background. LOL
Nature, Greenery, Sea, Shore, Beach, Boats - ALL IN ONE. K THX
Unedited non saturated photo. Fatty Thighssss YUMMY
Another emo shot which was one of my <3 LOVEEE <3
Failed expression on the hammock. KAMMM not prepared for photo la

Building sandcastle!!
Sandcastle in progress~~~
Taken by me. Hee
Surfer's Paradise advert by Malay ADAM
Packing sand and seawater for our friends!!!!
"Hey. See here SAY CHEESE."
Nightmare place passed again.


Kam's Nightmare experience CAR. buy toto, toto kena. 
Your lucky number -- BDD 9995
Nightmare car
Kam insist taking photo with his nightmare driving experience. LOL

Packing Back & Heading Home
Sad to leave Pangkor Island, but this beautiful paradise will sure leave some great memories behind. And, I'm sure to come back again for second... third... consecutive VISITSSSSS!!!

Heading to the Pangkor Jetty > Marina Island Pangkor Jetty

Shades! Messy hair!
Cumulonimbus in sight again!
Selca! on Super Speed Jet boat!

Well, that all for this blog. Efff. Love this trip. YOLO

Till We Meet Again