Gifts for Him | Top 5 Gift Ideas for him this Valentines

It's the valentine season again where the real headache begins. Let's get it straight, you would want to choose something you like him to wear on; be it a nice puff of smell or some sexy undies to spies things up this summer.

Pssst, I also bought my man something I would want to see him on, so lets go girls!

Here are the top 5 gifts for him picks from me all under RM69:

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Zalora Basic String Tie Hoodie - RM39

24:01 Neoprene Zip Hoodie - RM59

Cuddle up together this valentine, My boyfie is a fan freak of Uniqlo Hoodie and I admit they are so comfy to wear and cuddly to hug. For a budgeted version, Zalora offers at a much more reasonable price in addition to the 40% for this gift season, it is only at RM39.00!

Zalora Basic Hoodie - RM39

24:01 Neoprene Hoodie with PU Shoulder Patch - RM59

Styling Idea @Polyvore:
Sporty Streetwear for Him

A very outgoing yet sporty casual look matching with his favourite Moto360 Smart Watch. What a match.


JAXON Messenger Bag - RM39

What beats a multifunctional bag? No ideas for styling? This is the less fret one, available in 3 colours. Hues of Blue / Going Plain Black.
 Jaxon Messenger Bag (Black) - RM39
JAXON Messenger Bag (Black) - RM39

JAXON Messenger Bag (Blue) - RM39

JAXON Messenger Bag (Sea Blue) - RM39

3. Headphones

Fork out some extra cash to buy his favourite, worth it woosh. Get him some essentials (to him) and he will be happy. Oh-my.

Not known to any audio bases brands? Here are some to help! 
I would recommend:

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 - $60 (Around RM100-200)

#CNet review on Audio-Technica ATH-M30:

2. Leather Wallet

Back to some essentials issue, men wallet are pretty petty to choose. Genuine Leather will do, plain and importantly snuggle enough for pockets.

Playboy Wallet - RM139.90

Playboy Simple Flip Wallet - RM139.90

Arrow Wallet - RM69.90 (Now at 20% off - RM55.92)

Arrow Simple Flip Wallet - RM55.92

JAXON Leather Wallet - RM35.00

JAXON Leather Wallet - RM35.00

1.  Men Ties

Smart issues it is, they are all time lazy. Formal wear easy matchup and value for money too!

JAXON 5cm Ties (2 in 1) - RM25 (now at 20% off - RM15)

JAXON Trendy Ties - RM 15
JAXON Trendy Ties - RM 18
JAXON Trendy Ties - RM17.50

The Boyfie Treatment

What I get for my boyfie? I got him a Casual Tee from Kitshen, love the geometric cutouts!

Sorry for the bad photos :(

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