Lego® Travellers - Seeing the World through Lego®

The new conceptual travelling photos, how to travel with your lego®!

I loved lego® like a lot, recently I saw this in instagram, am totally in loved how she pictured her trips and photos with lego®.

Following her instagram, you can see Craig accompany his gf to the trip around the world. Kinda interesting one, you may notice Malaysia Twin Tower is one of their trip highlights!

Cute, Voila.
Lego® Travellers Instagram Link >>

St Andrews

Universal Studio?

Singapore Skyline

Paris Eiffel Tower

Spotted very familiar structure, Penang 3D Art Museum > Miniature Seafront of Weld Quay in 1900s

Angkor Wat

Would wanna to see more of their trips!!

Exciting Lego® Travellers, in the trip around the World.