Room Decor: Confetti Lights in Cup

Yo, Its been awhile since I update my own blog cause I was too busy with the semester plus my own online shop, Jacqueen Maison ( is in its starting mode. Heh.

A very easy tutorial for you guys!

I'm into the Confetti Colorful Polka Style recently. Colourful Confetti brightens up my room alottt although advice: too much of colors can create chaos!! I prefer all rainbow colors in an even amount or 1 color to dominate, while others being decorative.

Product Sneek Peek


 1 st 

Buy Colorful Paper Cups

I bought mine from TaoBao which costs around RM0.60 per piece. 
Colors are optional, you could put just off white or ornamented pattern.

The Shop actual link: 42g Paper Cups

For a 2 metre length, around 50 cups would do. 
The chasing lights I'm working on is a drape type though.

 2 nd 

Find Used/Unwanted Working Chasing Lights

I bought these from Mydin and they costs about RM8.90.
You can find these in any electrical shops.

Tips: Do buy them during CNY or Xmas time as they might get cheaper.

It is best to choose the ones with no chasing pattern/ controllable chasing pattern with steady lighting option as it would be quite dizzy. (for me..)

 3 rd 

Cut the Base of Cups (X Shaped)

Be careful when handling the sharp edges of your pen knife.

Tips: Try cutting one first, before cutting them all at once.
(You can get to estimate the X size based on your bulb size)

 4 th 

Slip Bulb Ending to Cup Base

Try putting on alternating colors, 
skip one of the bulb if the distance between both bulb endings are narrow.

Tips: Top and Last bulb should be occupied as it will not appear entangled/unfinished.



You made yourself a Confetti Lights in Cup Garland


Love it?

Try this today and brighten up your room with cheap and pretty night lights!