Redang Island with Kuala Terengganu Trip

Its been so long since I update my travel blog. But, it's time for some new fresh blood to this old site since I abandoned it as I just finished my undergraduate and now I have ample time to write and share on travel tips.

Basically, this Redang Island trip is my graduation trip with my housemate besties. I surely will miss them after I graduate. 

For all my future travel and sharing blogs, I would be sharing each sections with all the pricing, so you guys can take reference on how much I spent.

Getting There

I bought my air tickets from Air Asia, Asia's leading low cost flight carrier during free tickets promo period last year (around May 2016). As I am travelling from Penang, there are no direct/connecting flights flying from Penang (PEN) to Redang nor Kuala Terrengganu (TGG).
Tips: Free tickets onward from KUL to TGG usually are available on weekdays (Monday to Thursday), so plan ahead!

Therefore, I bought four separate flights:-


15 May 2017 (Monday)
~RM52 per person

After arriving KLIA2, we did not walk out of the arriving gate to the departure gate but we stayed inside the terminal until our next flight.

Tips: If you happen to have any luggage you prebooked with Airasia (new rules onset), you MUST collect your luggage and walk out of the arrivals gate and then queue at the luggage check in counter to register again and walk in the departure gate.
We were very worried that day whether could we make it as we only have 40 minutes from getting down the plane to check in luggage, as if we were planning to bring luggages more than 7kg (see Airasia new rules HERE). Therefore, we abandoned that idea and instead bring it light to minimize all the risks of missing the flight as the queue at the luggage check in counter in KLIA2 requires up to 1 hour and the walking distance between KLIA2 to terminal takes around 15-20 mins.

15 May 2017 (Monday)
~RM24 per person

We touched down at Kuala Terrengganu (TGG) around 5pm in the evening and see below for transport and itinerary.

19 May 2017 (Friday)
~RM24 per person

19 May 2017 (Friday)
~RM9 per person

Total Spend on Airfare:-
RM52 + RM24 + RM24 + RM9 = RM109 / per person


After touching down at Sultan Mahmud Airport, we took Grab, one of the South East Asia's leading hitch-hiking rides as our main transportation around Kuala Terengganu city.

Tips: Note that Uber is not available in Terengganu (updated 2017 June), therefore do preinstall Grab in your smartphone first to save yourself from some hassle.
We took a total of 3 rides, and all of them are above satisfactory, some drivers will even show you the places around Kuala Terengganu.

Tips: Upon Signing up for Grab, do not forget to get a RM 10 discount off your first ride. You could do it simply by sign up using my referral code (5AA229)

Kuala Terrengganu


I prebooked the hotel on as there are promotions and it is fairly cheaper. We did not opted for a suite like hotel as we are only spending a night in Kuala Terengganu as a detour to Redang Island next day.

After some elaborate thoughts, I booked DJ Citi Point Hotel as it was nearer to the bus terminal (walking 2 minutes), so we could get on to the connecting Redang bus easier.

Everything was fairly OK for this hotel, except the lights were too dim and has a eerie aura. On top of that the price was very worthy as we only paid RM27.30/ per person for a Quad Room with Windows.

Tips: If you happen to book for this hotel, water dispenser is provided. :P Therefore, there is no need to buy mineral water (for budget travellers), so just keep your empty bottles and fill em up there. Wifi is also provided, however is quite slow. Remember to bring extension as there are only 2 plug points inside Quad Room but we have 4 person :(

Points of Interest

Crystal Mosque

After checking in to the hotel, we take Grab to Crystal Mosque (~RM20). It was definitely a pretty piece of architecture and the gardens are big. You could take lots of picture there, I warrant, just remember your selfie pods!

Tips: Due to respect, I bought a selendang as half-tudung in Kuala Terenggganu market. If you did not have any tudung, there are clothing provided if you would want to enter the mosque. Just make sure you wear long pants and covered shoes.

Kuala Terengganu Pasar Borong

The market is in walking distance with DJ Citi Point Inn hotel. There, you could find assorted exotic food, textiles etc. Look what I found there?

Turtle Eggs spotted. It is a tradition for local Malays to dine on such delicacies but I would like take the opportunity here to create awareness that the turtles in Terengganu are reducing, and I would not agree to consume such eggs. #antiwildlifetrade
According to IUCN, Leatherback Turtles are in Red List as Vulnerable species. So lets us do our part by not buying the turtles eggs.

Terengganu is famous for its Keropok Lekor (translated to english: Lekor Fish Crackers). For non-natives, you should really try this. The crackers are not crisp but soft on the inside, like bitting harden fish balls but the taste is really good. I got this from a stall in the market at RM3 (RM5 for big one), the one in the photo is the small portion.

Tips: Look for those who are fried by native Malays, those are more delicious (more to native taste) and are much cheaper as well!

Redang Island

Getting There and Hotel

Early in the morning next day, we took the bus by our resort, Redang Pelangi to Mersing Jetty (an addition of Rm25/per person). Upon reaching there, the waiting time is about 20 minutes before our boat to Redang arrives.

Mersing Jetty

Me with my newly dyed red-pink hair

The Mersing Jetty, Across the jetty is a conservation swamp

On the Boat

We experienced boat breakdown halfway, but this issue is quickly resolved by Redang Pelangi staffs. Quite terror when we switched boats in the middle of sea.

Redang Pelangi Resort

Sadly, we do not have any photos of our resort as we didnt take the room photos :( For the price it is really very reasonable as it was quite worth it for the food we take. We extended from 3 days 2 nights to 4 days 3 nights.

The price we paid for is RM455 / per person for a 4 days 3 nights package. It was definitely worth it as we searched through many website and compared with all the resorts and hotels.

Check the pricing HERE
The itinerary given to us. We opted for the Pulau Perhentian Stopover, so we paid an extra RM120/ per person for that. On the first day, we were offered for this as there are another group of 9 people taking this package, so we joined them on this trip. The Pulau Perhentian stopover is worth it as we could see the turtles, and even the sharks. 

Tips: If you are not a ocean lover, under the sea might look same for you, thus it is not so worth it to sign for the package. If you like sea, definitely take this package and you wouldnt regret it.

Snorkelling Good Times

We rented a underwater camera for RM70 for two days and took some awesome shots underwater. Please enjoy:-

Underwater Selfie

Group Photo

Green Turtle on Redang Island

Picturesque Pulau Perhentian

Sea Slut

Sea Slug (Its Texture is like hardy soft)

Under conservation status turtle (Sea patrols are around to spot whether tourists harm the turtles or not)

Close touch with the turtle 💓💓💓💓 

Redang Beach

For the third day, we did not join any snorkelling trips except one of my friend. I personally felt tiring and want some good times on the beach for some photography instead of being on the sea everyday.

Some of the nice shots my friend took for me, and definitely going into my memory album upon reaching 21 years old. Cheers!

Bikini Full Shot (Selfie haaa)

Most favourite shot among all 💓💓💓
And, finally a group shot to end this:-

Till Next Time,