Fate, Luck and the Will of God

Today marks the release of fellow friends future university and results, I am feeling extremely happy for them. I feel like they are getting what they want at the end. 

Perhaps this is a happy ending?

I was washed to a point, maybe luck determines everything.

I did not get the chance to get into matriculation, this is fate.
But to god will, I was in A levels so i was not hit by waves of dreadful.
God does not gives me everything, but "he" gives me the will to live on with my decisions.

At some course of my life, I chose to leave A levels which I have scholarships hold on but I know I cannot score well due to the activities.
It came to a point where I would rather drop everything.

Yes, fate proves this might be true.
Friends who have the same path like me, well A levels result today was ain't so good.
Once again, maybe I'm protected from the sadness and grief.

I am now already in degree, taking Biotechnology.
I am happy because I enjoyed living alone rather than dormitory life.
God has taken care of me silently,
I am blessed.

I was lucky all the time.
It struck me when I knew deep inside my heart;
I wanna be chosen into matriculation
I wanna get into University Malaya.

God does not neglect me but
he didn't give me what i want either.
I have big dreams, I have big will but will this route be harder?

Maybe in my life,
I had never experience unlucky. But for the first time,
I feel so.

For the strings of straight A's I got,
I was not trying to boast but
It came out with a lot of hard efforts.
at a point of intersection, I was not lucky enough.
Just, not
lucky enough.

But it just makes my will stronger.
Even that it is harder to achieve, I am willing to do it.

For the dreams,
and a message to God:
" Thank you for your care. 3 portion is the god will, the other 7 comes from hard work."
I will work hard to prove that the 30% is nothing compared to the 70% although
some may have 100%.

(From an atheist who finally feels god presence in life.)